Sep 11, 2009

Andre Nickatina And Mac Dre - A Tale Of Two Andres (2008)


ARTIST: Andre Nickatina And Mac Dre
ALBUM: A Tale Of Two Andres
RIP DATE: 6/4/2008
PLAYTIME: 00:49:47
STREET DATE: 8/19/2008
SIZE: 65.94 MB
BITRATE: 198kbps
GENRE: Gangsta
LABEL: Thizz ENT. / Nicky Pearl
RIPPER: Team CR 2008

1. U Beezy 2:35
2. My Homeboys Chevy 2:51
3. Cocaine 1:47
4. Neva Seen 4:03
5. Color Of The Benz 3:10
6. Hot Jalapenos Ft. Smoov-E 3:08
7. Drug Luv 2:42
8. Andre N Andre 3:51
9. Fillmoe-Vallejo 1:51
10. ~censored~ 2:03
11. Bonus 1:43
12. Outta Control 2:57
13. Honeycomb Ft. Nocturnal Huslters 4:59
14. Bay Thang 2:10
15. I'm A Sav Ft. AP. 9 2:56
16. Toys (Remix) 2:59
17. Cadillac Girl (Remix) 4:02


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