Sep 11, 2009

BG Bulletwound - G-14 Classified (2008)


Label.........................: Deuce Kilk Records
Genre.........................: Rap
StoreDate.....................: 00-00-0000
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 106,9 MB
Total Playing Time............: 75:15

Release Notes:
Local KC Rapper - Tech N9ne's Crew


01. Intro 00:43
02. G14 04:34
03. Who Dat It Iz 04:05
04. I Ask Myself 03:24
05. Get Money 04:28
06. What'z Ya Name (Ft. Grant Rice & Tech N9e) 04:22
07. Know About It 03:56
08. Wartime (Ft. Gonzoe & Yukmouth) 03:53
09. B-G 04:13
10. Go Hard (Ft. Kutt Calhoun & RivLocc) 04:51
11. The Meanest (Ft. Dalima) 05:01
12. U Wan Gangsta 04:01
13. Betta Watch Ya On (Ft. Duce Klik) 05:04
14. I Know (Ft. Big Krizz Kaliko) 04:56
15. Bread & Butter 04:19
(Ft. Big Krizz Kaliko, Skatterman & Tech N9ne)
16. Move It 04:15
17. Twisted (Ft. Kutt Calhoun & Mercury) 04:34
18. 2 Da Hard Way (Ft. Duce Klik) 04:36


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