Sep 11, 2009

VA-Crips Present The Leftside (2008)


Artist: VA
Title: Crips Present The Leftside
Label: Siccness/Koch Ent.
Genre: Gangsta Rap
Bitrate: 161kbit av.
Time: 01:03:58
Size: 78.10 mb
Rip Date: 2008-04-18
Str Date: 2008-04-22

1. Luni Coleone - Crips And Bloods (Feat. Damu) 3:59
2. Bay Loc, Smigg Dirtee, I-Rocc, Young Bop, Devious 4:29
And Ecay Uno - Blue Chuccs
3. Googie Monsta - One Touch (Feat. Cee Wee 3 And Ecay 4:41
4. Kokane - Get At you (Blue Suede Shoes) (Feat. The 4:15
Hoodmob (Cricet And Contraband))
5. C-Bo, Killa Tay And Swoop G - Recognize A G 4:13
6. Greedy - Boys In The Hood (Remix) (Feat. Luni 3:55
7. Cricet, Contraband, Bay Loc And Lil Bay LC - Real 4:43
Hood Nometry
8. Brotha Lynch Hung Tall Can G, COS And Devious - 4:20
Valley Is Active
9. T.Y.S.O.N. - Real Crip 4:19
10. Key Loom - If You Ain't No Rider (Feat. T-Nutty) 4:32
11. Loc - We Get Off 3:37
12. C-Bo - You Know Where To Find Me (Feat. Tupac) 4:30
13. Goldie Loc - Bang To Da Boogie (Feat. Tray Dee) 3:42
14. Kurupt, Roscoe And Kokane - Major Skrilla 4:50
15. Goldie Loc - Gangstas Keep Bumpin' They Head (Feat. 3:53
Kokane And Lebo)


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