Sep 11, 2009

Warren G - I Want It All (1999)

| Record Label : RestLess/G-Funk | Street Date : 12th October .
| Genre : Rap | Ripped Date : 08th October .
: Ripper : The Hydster | Quality : 160k HQ .

| 01. Warren G - Intro 748316 .
| 02. Warren G - Gangsta Love (Kurupt, Nate Gogg & RBX) 4851239 .
| 03. Warren G - Why Oh Why (Daz Dillinger & Kurupt) 4821482 .
| 04. Warren G - Dollars Make Sense (Kurupt & Crucial Conflict) 5432218 .
| 05. Warren G - I Want It All (Mack 10) 6150482 .
| 06. Warren G - Havin' Things (Jermaine Dupri & Nate Dogg) 3608352 .
| 07. Warren G - You Never Know (Snoop Dogg, Phats Bossi & Reel Tight) 4488446 .
| 08. Warren G - My Momma (Ola Mae) - (No Feat Artist) 5466147 .
| 09. Warren G - G-Spot (El Debarge & Val Young) 6316481 .
| 10. Warren G - We Got That (Eve, Drag-On & Shadow) 4515065 .
| 11. Warren G - Dope Beat (No Feat Artist) 3978976 .
| 12. Warren G - World Wide Ryders (Neb Love & K-Bar of 5 Footaz) 4744749 .
| 13. Warren G - Game Don't Wait (Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg) 5102837 .
| 14. Warren G - If We Give You A Chance (Slick Rick & Phats Bossi) 5065781 .
| 15. Warren G - I Want It All (Remix)(Memphis Bleek,Drag-On & Tikki) 5091411 .
| 16. Warren G - Outro 1861215 .


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