Sep 11, 2009

Suga Free - Sunday School (2007)

Suga Free - Sunday School (2007)

1. Sunday School Begins 0:42
2. Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die 4:33
3. I'm Livin' For You 5:42
4. How To Knock A ~censored~ 3:40
5. Last Of A Dinosaur 6:13
6. Suga Free 5:10
7. Sexy Thang (Feat. Messy Marv) 6:41
8. Choice Me 4:54
9. What A Hit We Made (Feat. Mac Dre, Macnificent & Beta Da Boss) 6:10
10. Hello, Hello, Hello 3:30
11. Unreleased 6:42
12. ***** Wit You 5:13
13. Excuse Me Miss 6:41
14. Ain't shit 4:57
15. Sunday School Ends 1:03
16. Bonus 1 9:07
17. Bonus 2 7:10


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    The pain is real even if nobody knows
    Now I'm cryin' inside
    And nobody knows it but me

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    The things I needed to say
    How could I let my angel get away
    Now my world is just a-tumblin' down
    I can see it so clearly
    But you're nowhere around

  7. The nights are lonely
    The days are so sad
    And I just keep thinkin' about
    The love that we had
    And I'm missin' you
    And nobody knows it but me

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